EXISTING MEMBERS: Please Log In to your account and renew your membership from there. Please DO NOT create a new account if you have just lost your log in details, just use the password reset option, and if you're still having trouble, get in touch.

About Memberships

Thanks for your interest in joining us! Membership is open to all Shetland-based arts and crafts producers. This can include any form of art and craft products from photography to woodwork.

All new members should start with the Associate Membership. Memberships run from 1st January to 31st December and are now managed online to ease administration. You can sign up, pay for and renew your memberships all on your account page.

If you have any queries, please check our frequently asked questions below, and if you need further help before applying, get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page.

Once we receive your membership application, we will check it and if there are any problems or for some reason your membership is refused, we will get back to you within a few days to discuss it further. All refused applications will be refunded in full.

Registration closed on 28th February for Full Member and Craft Trail memberships. Next years registrations open 1st January. Associate Members can apply at any time of the year.

Quality Assessed

To become a Full Member your work needs to be quality assessed. We do this to maintain the very high standards of work and set a level playing field for all members.

The assessment takes place in March every year and is done by independent assessors.

If you wish to upgrade from an Associate to Full member, please let us know before February so we can arrange the assessment.


For all new members and those wishing to be a part of Shetland Arts & Crafts

Benefits include:
Take part in the annual
Christmas Craft Fair
Your work promoted on our
Social Media Channels
Receive regular newsletters from us with special invites such as funding opportunities, other shows etc.

£15 /year

Membership 1st Jan - 31st Dec

Closing date for applications: 30th September



For existing members who have passed the Quality Assessment (see below)

Additional Benefits:
List and Sell your craft in our online shop (find out more...)
Fully listed in the members section & Craft Trail booklet
Professional product photography
(1st year of joining only, as part of craft assessments)

£45 /year

Registration closed on 28th February for this year. Next years registrations open 1st January


For full members wishing to be featured on the Shetland Craft Trail

£80 /year

Registration closed on 15th March.


Full Members Only

£55 /year

Registration closed on 28th February


For retail outlets to join the Craft Trail

£30 /year

Registration closed on 15th March

Frequently Asked Questions

To take part in the Christmas Craft Fair, you must be an Associate Member. If you do not wish to renew your membership on 1st January, just cancel your subscription online before then.

Membership runs the calendar year (1 Jan - 31 Dec). Online memberships will not automatically renew, however you will receive a reminder email when it is due for renewal. You can renew your membership for the following year after 1st January. If your membership lapses, please log in to your account before applying again.

Membership runs the calendar year (1 Jan - 31 Dec). However for Full Members and Craft Trail members we need your registration before 28th February in order to produce the Craft Trail booklet. If you wish to join after this, join as an Associate Member and you can upgrade to a Full Member the following year.

Sorry, but we are now trying to keep all the member administration online and in one place so we can no longer accept offline payments. The website takes payments securely using debit or credit cards. If this is a major problem for your business, please let us know.

All new members need to join as an Associate Member. When you fill in the registration form online, just tick the box to request to apply for Full Membership and we will be in touch to organise the quality assessment. These assessments only take place once a year in March, so if you are applying after then, you will need to wait until next year to become a full member. The reason for this is that the quality assessments are done by a independent assessor. It would not be cost effective for us to pay for the assessor to travel up at other times of the year just for us.

When you first join as a Full Member, your work will be photographed during the quality assessment. If you wish to have your work professionally photographed in future years we can arrange this to happen at the same time as other assessments. These take place in March, so ensure you sign up for the photography before the end of February.

Still got Questions? Get in Touch