Dice Lambswool Scarf: Ebony & Teak

This soft lambswool scarf is knitted in an allover geometric pattern like the kind that was popular in the 50s for men’s Shetland pullovers. The close-toned colours of ebony and teak make a rich yet subtle scarf. Dimensions/size: 190 x … Read More

Fern headband

This pure & soft lambswool headband is knitted with a graceful fern motif. Dimensions/size: 46 x 8.5 cm

Rose Lattice Lambswool Scarf: Ivory & Beige

This was the first ever Fraser scarf and it has become a classic and a favourite. It features Joan Fraser’s Rose Lattice design in a pale and sophisticated combination of ivory and beige. Dimensions: 175 x 22.5cm

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