Please ensure that you read this page thoroughly so that you understand the marketplace and your obligations before signing up.

SAC Marketplace

The Shetland Arts and Crafts (SAC) Marketplace is for association Full Members to sell and promote their craft products. SAC will administrate the marketplace, assist members, provide support with disputes and refunds, and keep the website secure and running reliably.

Fees and Costs

There is no commission taken by SAC. Transaction fees (credit card processing) are currently 1.4% + 20p per order. This is applied to the order total, including postage. Transaction fees are not refundable.

Selling Products

All products that you list on the marketplace must be made by you or your business. Items must be in stock, or if made to order, you must clearly state this in the description as well as any lead times. Descriptions must be well written, clear and detailed. Please check all spelling and grammar. Product images must be of good resolution and clarity. All products are held for approval by SAC admin and we reserve the right to refuse any product that does not fall within the definition of arts and crafts, or does not meet our quality criteria. Once a product is approved, please check the live version as SAC admin may have made changes to formatting, spelling etc. All products must comply with Distance Selling Regulations.

Processing Orders

You are responsible for processing orders received for your products in a timely manner. You should specify on your shop policies page how long it takes you to process and dispatch orders. You must communicate with customers to provide them updates on their orders as needed. If you are not able to process orders for a period of a time, you must put your store into “Holiday Mode” via your Dashboard.

Maintaining Settings

Your address, business details, shipping, policies and social profiles must all be kept up to date. Contact phone numbers must be given for customers.

Maintaining your Inventory

You must keep your product list and inventory up to date. Customer orders are binding so please make sure that you regularly check stock levels, especially if you sell elsewhere.

Refunds and Disputes

Customers have a right to return unwanted goods for a full refund within 14 days of receiving their order. Customer pays return postage. Members must honour this. There are exceptions for custom made items, and your shop policies must reflect this. Members mush communicate with customers to resolve any disputes and issues with their order. Please check distance selling regulations and ensure you comply with them. If refunds need to be given, you can request this via your Dashboard. Note that the original transaction fee is not refunded.


You are responsible for setting postage rates and posting all orders in a timely manner. We recommend using Royal Mail where possible as it is the most reliable for remote destinations. Postage is for the whole of the UK and you must be willing to post to any UK address. International orders are currently not allowed.

Receiving Payouts

Payments for your orders are sent automatically by Stripe. A Stripe account is required for all members. Payouts are usually sent 7 days after the order is received.

VAT and Taxes

The marketplace does not calculate or apply taxes. As a seller, you are responsible for your VAT calculations. If you are VAT registered then you must write your VAT number on your store page and ensure you comply with the government advice and requirements. This may include sending a VAT invoice to customers that require one for their order. To assist with VAT calculations you can export orders to a CSV file from your Dashboard.

Maintaining your Membership

You must continue to be a Full Member of the association to continue to use the marketplace. Any non-renewing member’s stores will be removed and all products and order data deleted. We will of course notify you by email should this be the case.

Termination of Service

We reserve the right to cancel or suspend the marketplace at any time. In such instance we will communicate to all members with a minimum of 1 weeks notice. Any member found to be in breach of these terms will have their store removed from the marketplace.

Changes to these terms

We may periodically review these terms. Any changes will be communicated to all members by email.