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  • Aurora Borealis decorative spoon

    Decorative spoon- inspired by the beautiful Aurora Borealis we see in Shetland. The green glows in the dark. – not to be used for eating!
  • Bains Beach Decorative Spoon

    Fans of the ‘Shetland’ TV series will recognise the beach with this colour of sand. Bains Beach in Lerwick featured at the home of fictional detective Jimmy Perez, in the Shetland programmes. I have collected some of the sand from … Read more
  • Shetland garden flower spoon.

    I love to collect and dry flowers from my Shetland garden. I have used a mixture of coloured petals to make decorative spoons. Including Heather, blue Hydrangea, Rose, Marigold and wild grasses. Each spoon is slightly different. Approx size of … Read more