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  • Aurora Borealis seascape necklace.

    Aurora Borealis seascape necklace. This is also a stunning piece of art that captures the power and beauty of the ocean. The resin creates a realistic wave effect, giving the painting a sense of movement and energy. It would be … Read More
  • Seascape Pendant- Resin Jewellery

    Wearable artwork- a mini resin poured seascape, on a wooden base. Each one is original with a choice of coloured cord. All cords are adjustable in length from 18-20 inch. If you have a preferred colour of cord let me … Read More
  • Large Oppenwark necklace

    This hand carved silver necklace takes its inspiration from the delicate lace shawls from the Shetland Islands. The main triangular detail at the from measures approx 65mm across by 35mm deep and hangs on an open trace chain with loops … Read More
  • Oppenwark necklace

    This necklace features a three-dimensional Shetland lace-like shape based on the way the ends of a tied hap would hang. The carved drop measures approx 25mm long and hangs by a loop on a simple trace chain.
  • Oppenwark long double drop necklace

    This long double drop necklace features three-dimensional Shetland lace-like shapes based on the way the ends of a tied hap would hang. These carved drops each measure approx 25mm long and hang on lengths of trace chain. The total length … Read More