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  • Puffin Photo Mug

    Puffin at Sumburgh photo mug, from my animals and birds mugs range, all taken here in the Shetland Islands Each mug is captioned with the photograph location, choose from: Grey Seal pup Mountain Hares Shetland Ponies Orca (Killer Whale) Puffin … Read More
  • Beachcombing

    Acrylic painting on a 50 x 40 cm canvas, unframed but painted around the edges. The scene is an imagined one, based on my walks on Shetland beaches and seeing the tiny birds at the shoreline making quick runs into … Read More
  • Birds In Nature: Set of 6 Fine Art Greetings Cards.

    A set of 5 cards of fine art coloured pencil drawings referenced from photos taken in the Shetland Islands. 1: Northern Fulmar. 2: Northern Nightingale, Blackcap. 3: Atlantic Puffin. 4: Eider Duck. 5: The humble House Sparrow. 6: Two Atlantic … Read More