Julie Williamson Designs

Just a small selection of Julie's design range, but her most popular ones are inspired by her late granny... "Granny’s Fairisle - This pattern is from the fair isle gansey (jumper) that my granny hand knitted for me when she was in her 90s. I haven't used the original colours from the ganzie but I love the shades she used of blue, white, grey and yellow she wanted to use pink but I was going though a phase of not feeling very girly when she made it but now as a adult I see her choice would have been even nicer. I am the youngest grand bairn of 29 and think I was also the last to get a fair isle handmade jumper while she was still able to see to knit the fair isle patterns. She did knit right up to her passing a few weeks before her 102 birthday." And "Tak Dee Sock (take your knitting) - design is inspired by my late granny who was rarely without her makkin (knitting) I was her 29th grand bairn and I got one of her handmade fair isle jumpers, the pattern can be seen in the background of this design. When her sight started to deteriorate and she could no longer do fair isle patterns at 101yrs old she still managed to hand knit socks for her ever growing family. My memories of Granny are of her sitting quite composed before the fire makin apa her sock while watching coronation street."


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