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  • Serving platter

    Inspired by the Shetland crofting culture of hanging up pieces of ‘reestit mutton’ (dried, salted lamb) to mature, these playfully designed serving platters are a delightful addition to any kitchen. Size: 460mm x 200mm x 15mm Wood: Oak Weight: 820g
  • Bookends

    These gorgeous bookends are hand crafted from quality Ash timber. Finished with danish oil to bring out the warmth and colour of the wood and branded with our distinctive logo. They have a nonslip base to stop movement on slippery … Read More
  • Guitar stand stool

    We are excited about the guitar stand stool! I developed a prototype stool when I was studying at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing, now known as the Metropolitan College. So what is it? It functions as both a … Read More
  • Wine botle holder

    We really love the idea of this wine bottle holder. It’s like the bottle is defining gravity. The shape is inspired from our signature tapered design and is available in quality American oak Size: 300mm x 70mm x 44mm Wood: … Read More
  • Lamp

    Our beautiful table lamps are made to our signature geometric design which we have used on candleholders and table legs for many years. After being roughly formed, they are hand planed to the elegant tapered shape, and once the desired … Read More
  • Fiddle Stand

    In Shetland the tradition of playing fiddle music is still very strong with many very talented fiddlers coming from the islands to play on the world stage. This fiddle stand developed as a unique gift for Fiddlers that wish to … Read More
  • Clock

    We love our hand carved clocks which are a striking centerpiece for your home and keep you on time! Made using various quality wood veneers for superior stability and contrasting carving. Size: 340mm diameter x 18mm Wood: oak veneer mdf … Read More